General Guidelines for Fresh Applicants (Application Fee Payment and Account Creation)

Kindly follow the following Steps to create an account and begin the application process:

  1. Login to and do the following:
    1. Beside "Surname" Type your Surname/Lastname/Father's Name/Family Name (Note: This is a compulsory field)
    2. Beside "First Name" Type your First Name/Native Name Name (Note: This is a compulsory field)
    3. Beside "Other Names" Type your Other Names (if any)
    4. Beside "Email:" Type your current and active e-mail (Note: you will be required to verify this email and all notifications and communications regarding your application process shall be by e-mail. You are therefore advised to use an active e-mail that is personal and which you can always have access to. You will also not be allowed to utilize this email for another application)
    5. Beside "Mobile No:" Type your current GSM Number (requred format 080X XXX XXXX) (Note: you may be contacted by any of the University officials via this number in the course of processing your application)
    6. Beside "Faculty:" Select the faculty you are applying to (for a list of faculties, Departments and programmes visit
    7. Beside "Programmme:" Select the Programme you are applying for (Note: you are advised to select the Faculty first before selecting the Programme)
    8. Click on Start Application
    9. You will get a notification via the email you have specified that will specify your "Application Number" and "Email" you have provided. (Note: you will be required to quote this Application Number throughout the application process)
  2. You are to activate your account by doing the following:
    1. login to your email account
    2. Locate an email titled "Your Application Details" from "School of Postgraduate Studies":
    3. Open the email (Note, you may find the email in your spam messages folder)
    4. You will find your "Application Number"and "Email" specified in the e-mail:
    5. You will also find a link to activate your account.
    6. Click on the link to activate your account (Note: you will be redirected out of your email account to the applications portal.
    7. Your account will be verified and activated. You will then be redirected to a page on the applications portal to generate your RRR.
  3. Your Payment will be verified by and you will get a notification via e-mail when it is done (Note: you will not be allowed to complete the application form without this verification) you are therefore advised to check the following to ensure that your payment has been confirmed:
    1. Login to your email account
    2. You will find an email titled "Payment Confirmation" from "School of Postgraduate Studies"
    3. This is confirmation that you can now login to continue your application
    4. If you do not get the email immediately after payment, login to the application portal using your "Application Number" and "Email" to check if your payment has been approved.
    5. If Payment Status is still "PENDING" after payment has been made, click "Refresh Status" to confirm payment. (Note: If you are unable to continue your application due to non confirmation of payment, you can contact us via any of the specified e-mails or phone numbers)
  4. After "Account Verifcation" (step 2 above) and "Payment Verification" (step 3 above) you can login to the applications portal using your "Application Number" and "Email" to continue your application.